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Optimal light control with individual operation

Reduce need for air-conditioning - creating energy savings

Slats can be tilted in different angles to optimize shading and day lighting

Reduces glare on screens and workspaces

Improved working conditions with increase of productivity

And more…
Location: Italy
Architect: keller + keller
Location: Norway
Architect: A-lab
Product: External Venetian Blinds
Location: Belgium
Architect: Architectes Associés
Product: External Venetian Blinds
Location: Germany
Architect: ALHO
Product: External Venetian Blinds
Location: Italy
Architect: keller + keller
Product: External Venetian Blinds
Location: Poland
Architect: De Vloed
Product: External Venetian Blinds

External Venetian Blinds - High performance sun control system

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External Venetian Blinds
HunterDouglas® External Venetian Blinds enhance natural day lighting, reduce glare and regulate thermal gain to ensure comfort and increased productivity. The blinds can be raised and lowered depending on weather conditions and their tilt angle can be regulated to keep direct sunlight out and let natural day light in creating complete user flexibility.

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