Thermal Comfort

Managing thermal comfort is a key factor in achieving good indoor environmental quality and a sense of well being for occupants.

As more and more buildings are constructed with substantial areas of glazing, developing strategies that enhance natural daylight, reduce glare and regulate thermal gain are essential in managing thermal comfort and achieving good indoor environmental quality.

Indoor temperatures are directly influenced by solar heat gain through windows and facades. Hunter Douglas solutions contribute to the reduction of energy use and conserve energy with different design solutions:


Ventilated Rain Screen Façade Hunter Douglas energy-saving building envelopes, with shading systems that control solar heat gain or ventilated façades that help moderate temperatures, can significantly upgrade the performance and efficiency of a building.
External solutions help regulate temperature and reduce the need for air conditioning during summer and heating in winter time. Our Façade Systems are designed to withstand the elements. Produced from pre-coated aluminium, resulting in a strong, flat, lightweight, made-to-measure façade made to withstand the most severe environmental conditions. Aluminium is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle