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Hunter Douglas
Fabrics are the functional engine of an ever increasing share of today's shading solutions. Their optical and material properties determine how well a shading protects us from glare and the effects of solar heat gain.
Location: Hunter Douglas
Architect: Hunter Douglas
Product: Fabrics
Location: Belgium
Architect: S/VR Storme-Van Ranst
Product: Roller Blind
Location: United Arab Emirates
Architect: Depa Interiors
Product: Roller Blind
Location: Netherlands
Architect: Paul de Ruiter
Product: Roller Blind
Location: Switzerland
Architect: Unknown
Product: Roller Blind

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Hunter Douglas Fabrics
Numerous studies have shown that people value contact with the outdoors. How well we can perceive the outdoors through a screen fabric depends on the openness and the brighness of the screen itself when viewed from the inside. For a screen to appear transparent the openness......Read More

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