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    New project sun control fabric

    26 April 2016

    New PVC-free sun control fabric from Hunter Douglas offers substantial energy control properties

    Hunter Douglas has launched a new sun control fabric that combines thermal performance with outstanding environmental properties. The ground-breaking PVC-free Screen Nature Ultimetal (SNU) is a distinctive design that is made from fibreglass and has a reflective aluminium layer, which delivers improved interior climate and reduces energy consumption.

    The beauty of aesthetically pleasing Screen Nature Ultimetal is its outstanding light- and heat-reflection properties that halve solar heat gain, significantly reducing the need for cooling capacity in the summer.

    “Thanks to the innovative construction of the material, Screen Nature Ultimetal fabric halves the solar heat gain coming through the window, reducing a 0.32 g-value to 0.15. This means the interior temperature will remain pleasant in summer without much additional cooling,” said David Harris, General Manager of Hunter Douglas Architectural Projects Ltd. “The result is that a smaller cooling installation will suffice; an energy cost reduction of 25% is quite realistic.

    Screen Nature Ultimetal is the latest example of Hunter Douglas’s innovative approach to developing new solutions and products designed to improve interior climate, save energy and help support the environment.

    “Fibreglass shading fabrics often have a protective layer of PVC,” he said. “Despite its strong protective properties, PVC is not the most environmentally friendly material in terms of production or recyclability. The yarns used in Screen Nature Ultimetal have a patented inorganic coating that offers excellent protection.”

    Screen Nature Ultimetal provides outstanding glare control and also enables users to continue enjoying high levels of daylight.

    The fabric is also fire safe (Class 0 compliant); odourless, due to the absence of softeners; and because of its extremely low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission values, it is also Greenguard certified (Greenguard Certificate of Compliance Cert. no. 44878-420).

    David Harris said Screen Nature Unimetal fabric is ideal for projects designed to gain high Energy Performance Certification (EPC) and for sustainable schemes such as BREEAM and LEED.

    Screen Nature Ultimetal is part of Hunter Douglas’ roller blind range, EOS®500. This innovative, modular roller blind system