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Interior Sun Control
Exterior Sun Control
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InFinity shutters: clean and crisp design without any visible fixings
Infinity shutters are a beautiful addition to the Hunter Douglas range of louvre shutters. The fins are placed in front of the shutters which creates a unique appearance of endless lines, uninterrupted by vertical frames. The InFinity shutter provides privacy, shading and is a dynamic architectural element to the façade.
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Colours and finishes
Large choice in colours and finishes are available for unparalleled design. We offer the highest standard of sublimation finishes, providing high protection with a superb look of wood and patinised metal designs.
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Low maintenance
All profiles are provided in aluminium for maintenance free durability and stability.
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High windloads
Designed to withstand high wind loads at full floor heights. However windloads are typically dependant of the geographical location and building height. We can assist you in determining the most suitable solution for your project.
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