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HeartFelt® Linear Wall
We are delighted to announce the creation of our wall system created using our prize winning HeartFelt® panels. With this new system you can now bring the acoustic and aesthetic qualities of felt panels to the wall and combine it with the HeartFelt ceiling application. You can choose out of 7 shades of grey and 5 earth tones or a mix of any of those colours. A new dimension for your project is here, designed to work for you.
HeartFelt® Linear Wall
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Curved Wall & Ceilings
The soft surface of HeartFelt ceiling and wall panels, lends itself to curved shapes. Transform a space, experience the soft curved acoustical canvas, play with the colours, create that warm ambiance where concentration and creativity merge into productivity. For more information on this new product, just click on the button below.
HeartFelt® Curved
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New HeartFelt® System
HeartFelt ceiling in railway or underground stations? Our design team developed a special HeartFelt carrier which locks the panels in. For more information just click on the button below.
HeartFelt® system
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Experience our new products
For HeartFelt® samples, colours or simply more information? Just click on the button below and fill in the form.
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