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Baffles Tavola™ Straight & Level Ceilings
Baffle Ceilings are ideal for acoustic enhancement and noise control in public areas. From a design point of view Baffle Ceilings create a spatial linear pattern with a strong appearance. From a practical point of view, it is easy to conceal additional services above the ceiling such as lighting, air conditioning and sprinkler systems while maintaining easy access to the plenum.
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Why Baffles Tavola™ Straight?
The Tavola™ Straight Baffle system is made up of a whole range of ceiling designs. The baffles come in widths of 20, 30, 40 and 50 mm and heights of 50 to 300 mm with variable spacing. Create your own spatial feeling with our extensive range of paint colours, wood decor look (interior & exterior) and stainless steel options. True freedom of design.
Tavola™ Straight
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Why Baffles Tavola™ Levels?
Our Levels system is a combination of identical width baffles with varying heights. This combination results in a lively landscape design in your ceiling. These baffles can also be supplied in many solid colours or wood finish options.
Tavola™ Levels
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