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Experience Luxalon BXD ceilings
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Transform acoustic ceiling design
The new Hunter Douglas ceiling system: Luxalon® BXD delivers outstanding acoustic performance with a dimensional design that works perfectly for large open spaces with a high noise level such as airports, shopping malls and conference centers. Create a unique linear design by playing with panel heights, widths and lengths of great colour combinations and quality materials that transform ceilings into a design feature that makes you want to look up.
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Optimum sound absorption in concrete core activated buildings
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The sound absorbing performance (up to αw = 0.85) of the BXD ceiling panels are an ideal solution for spaces with a loud noise level. In addition, the Luxalon® BXD system makes it possible to visually close off the plenum whist maintaining acoustic properties without altering the thermal performance of climate systems in concrete core activated buildings. This unique performance feature is due to the wide panel joints, (30 mm) outstanding sound absorbing panels which allow the concrete core to release warm or cool temperatures in a highly efficient way.
Endless dimensional design possibilities
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The BXD panels are available in three widths of 30, 80 and 130 mm which can be used in combination with the B - panels ( height 20 mm), and BD- panels ( height 40 mm) from the Hunter Douglas Multi-Panel ceiling program. This unique paring of ceiling solutions makes it possible to design highly functional and beautifully engineered three-dimensional designs. The 20 mm joints can be left open or sealed plus you can also integrate our special lighting solution Luxalon ® Light Lines to add additional functionality with dimensional qualities that enhance the ceiling design. With the wide choice of colours available it is possible to create virtually any ceiling design you can imagine.
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