Visual Comfort

Research shows that people prefer to work in natural daylight and maintain visual contact with the outdoors. Real value is attached to knowing what the weather is like and what’s happening outside and this in turn contributes to a sense of wellbeing and an increase in productivity.

A well-designed shading solution can significantly enhance the comfort and well-being of a building’s occupants. By managing natural light, thermal gain and glare, Hunter Douglas systems improve the Indoor Environmental Quality by:

  • Directing natural daylight for productive workspaces;
  • Providing direct access to exterior views;
  • Reducing glare on computer screens and other reflective surfaces;
  • Managing thermal gain from incident solar energy;
  • Personal comfort control of local light, air and temperature variables.

Hunter Douglas systems improve the Indoor Environmental Quality and conserve energy through a range of solutions:

  • Daylight enhancing blinds can optimise daylight penetration into a space by tilting to bounce light off reflective ceilings, which in turn can help reduce artificial lighting up to 50% depending on the space and location of the building. Most Hunter Douglas shades and blinds are GREENGUARD® and GREENGUARD Children and Schools™ certified.
  • Window Coverings optimises natural lighting and reduce glare. Daylight blinds reflect natural light deeper into a space, harvesting the natural light and reducing dependence on artificial lighting. By managing the amount of direct sunlight penetrating a space, glare will be reduced without hindering outward visibility.
  • Internal shading systems such as roller blinds which can block up to 90% of UV radiation and horizontal blinds allow personal control over how much daylight falls on to a workspace and eliminates unwanted glare and reflection from PC screens.