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    HeartFelt® Groove: where acoustics and aesthetics converge

    02 February 2024

    In the realm of architectural innovation, Hunter Douglas Architectural continues to be at the forefront with the introduction of HeartFelt® Groove, a captivating addition to the renowned HeartFelt® ceiling collection. This remarkable ceiling system features slim felt lamellas, offering unparalleled acoustic and visual properties that redefine the possibilities of interior design.

     An Evolution in Ceiling Design

    At the heart of HeartFelt® Groove is a new type of panel set to revolutionize how we think about ceilings. This box-shaped panel measures 60 mm in width by 50 mm in height. Installed with a module of 80 mm, it creates a gap of 20 mm between panels. HeartFelt Groove has a sophisticated palette of five shades of grey. Quoting Katrin Summ, Product Manager of Hunter Douglas Architectural, "With HeartFelt® Groove, we've taken the concept of the ceiling panel and redefined it. It's more than just an architectural element; it's an experience in sound, style, and sophistication."

     The 'W-Form' Distinction

    Previous panels were largely variations within the box-shaped design (a ‘U-form’). HeartFelt® Groove takes a bold step by introducing a 'W-form'. This twofold deformation of the felt strip creates a 'form within a form', setting a unique standard in the linear ceiling market.

     Optical Brilliance

    When you look at this ceiling system, you will notice what appears to be very slim panels, each 20 mm wide, giving the impression of numerous slim lamellas, each with an optical distance of 20 mm. However, the technical suspension system allows for a clever illusion; the actual number of installed panels is only half what you might perceive, simplifying the installation process. This feature enhances both the visual appeal and acoustical functionality of the space.

     Acoustic Excellence

    One of the standout features of the HeartFelt® Groove ceiling system is its exceptional acoustic performance. With an impressive absorption value (αw) of 0.70, it is an ideal choice for spaces where sound quality matters most. From offices to conference rooms, this ceiling system ensures that every word is crystal clear and every presentation is heard without a hitch.

     Elegance and Versatility

    With its twofold deformation in the production process, the Groove panel becomes remarkably firm and rigid, all without adding any extra materials. This characteristic extends its usability beyond just ceilings, making it perfect for wall panels. The HeartFelt® Groove system not only enhances the acoustics of your space but also provides an authentic, warm look and feel.

     With the introduction of HeartFelt® Groove, Hunter Douglas Architectural once again showcases its commitment to innovation and excellence. This revolutionary ceiling system combines acoustics and aesthetics seamlessly, offering an unrivaled experience in architectural design.