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    Stretch Metal Ceilings


    Stretch Ceilings

    Hunter Douglas Stretch Metal offers architects contemporary design freedom and with these versatile materials it is easy to create an optical contrast to other surrounding materials. The wide choice of patterns, materials and colours provides the designer with an opportunity to create a unique appearance on every project.

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    Stretch metal is a versatile architectural design material that provides striking visual effects. It differs from perforated material in the way it is produced. Stretch metal is achieved by punching slits into a metal sheet, while simultaneously pulling the material apart. This process creates a mesh material. The shape and dimensions of the openings depend on the tool that is used for the punching. Stretch metal has a 3 dimensional shape, if desired the material can be milled into a flat sheet.


    A range of Stretch Metal variations are available that will create a myriad of pattern possibilities. The openness of the ceiling depends on the choice of mesh size and mesh pattern. A change of mesh direction gives another incidence of light and a different visual appearance. Luminaries above the Stretch ceiling create lighting patterns and shadow effects. Contact our technical support team for more information.
    Stretch Metal Ceilings
    Stretch Metal Ceilings


    Stretch Metal Tiles &Stretch Metal Planks have different acoustic performances. To see these differences please take a look at the stretch metal tiles or stretch metal planks page on our website.

    Why is Acoustic so important?

    The acoustic comfort in an office space, school or public building contributes to our wellbeing. Poor acoustic performance can affect health, communication, safety, productivity and learning. Hunter Douglas Architectural high performance acoustic ceiling products deliver outstanding acoustic performance, comfort and an aesthetically pleasing environment.


    Our stretch ceilings can be coated in any RAL colour. In addition to these uni colours, there are several special metallic colours and chrome finishes possible. The complete program of panels, grids, bandraster profiles and edge profiles can be finished in one colour for a uniform look as required.

    Stretch Metal Ceilings
    Stretch Metal Ceilings


    Our focus on quality ensures the highest standard of production processes, material, machinery and finished product. The superior durability of Hunter Douglas products translates into lower costs during the life cycle of the product.

    Fire Protection

    All Hunter Douglas Stretch ceiling systems have earned a high reaction to fire classification according to EN 13501-1, in official fire tests at CSI, Bollate (Milan) - an independent Italian fire research institute.

    Stretch Metal Inspiration

    Be inspired on our project gallery with stretch metal ceilings. Click on the photo for more information.
    Stretch Metal Ceilings
    Stretch Metal Ceilings

    Architectural Service

    We support our business partners with a wide range of technical consulting and support services for architects, developers, and installers. We assist architects and developers with recommendations regarding materials, shapes and dimensions, colours and finishes. We also help creating design proposals, visualisations, and installation drawings. Our services to installers range from providing detailed drawings and instructions to training installers and providing advice on the site.


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