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    Archiprix 2015

    1 października 2014

    Archiprix 2015
    Hunter Douglas invests in architecture’s future

    Many young architects struggle to land that much desired assignment. They have to prove themselves – but without recognition or reference projects that is a tough challenge. In order to continue to offer talented designers an international platform, Hunter Douglas has decided to prolong its partnership with Rotterdam’s Archiprix Foundation for another six years.

    Every two years, Archiprix International organises an event at which promising young architects from all over the world are invited to present their graduation projects. The best designs are rewarded by an independent jury with the Hunter Douglas Awards.

    Thus young talent is offered a platform on which to inspire authorities in the fields of urban design and (landscape) architecture. The event also offers Hunter Douglas an opportunity to come into contact with the youngest generations of talent, thus keeping in step with developments in architecture.

    Architect Max Rink views participation in the Archiprix Awards as a quality mark. In 2007, he won the Dutch Archiprix, followed by the Archiprix International prize in 2009. Since then, Rink has opened his own office in Rotterdam, called SPRIKK. He says the Archiprix event gives young talent that little push in the back for building a successful career.

    Archiprix: http://www.archiprix.org
    Hunter Douglas Award: http://www.archiprix.org/2013/index.php?id=83