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    Heartfelt Multipanel: A versatile felt ceiling that radiates warmth.

    17 czerwca 2022

    Combining materials and shapes is now even easier, thanks to the launch of new Heartfelt Multipanel sizes.

    The time of functional, aesthetically uninteresting ceilings is officially over. Designers and architects have been increasingly experimenting with different shapes and materials in their desire to create a unique ceiling.

    We have responded to this with the development of the Heartfelt Multipanel ceiling, which combines a warm appearance with perfect acoustics and can be combined with other Hunter Douglas architectural ceiling panels.

    The new Heartfelt Multipanel panel sizes mean there is even greater freedom for designers. As well as the 30x60 panel, Hunter Douglas Architectural has now expanded the collection with three new sizes: 35x80, 35x130 and 35x180cm.

    New sizes, a new collection

    These new sizes respond to a trend that has been going on in architecture for some time, says Pieter van Rees, who was closely involved in the development of Heartfelt Multipanel as Business Development Manager.

    “The ceiling can be seen again,” he says. “Different shapes, materials or colours are being used more, which makes a ceiling a lot more interesting. We are meeting this need with the new panels in the new collection.”

    The new panel sizes have been carefully calculated to ensure they can be combined with other Hunter Douglas Architectural ceiling lines.

    “The first size - 30x60 - was created to meet the Combi Line concept,” explains van Rees. “By adding three different sizes to this, you also add a lot of exciting possibilities. Think of a combination with, for example, the previously released metal BXD ceiling system. In this manner, you can easily combine the warmth of felt with the sleek look of a metal ceiling.”

    Ultimate design freedom

    “These different panels are not only created to combine with other materials, but also to combine the different sizes into a unique aesthetic,” continues van Rees. “The other panel sizes also correspond to the sizes of other ceiling panels. In this way, you ensure ultimate design freedom, whereby you can combine and alternate, as needed.”

    The Heartfelt line is available in five different shades of grey, but van Rees says more colours could be added: “It is worth considering adding new colours to the range, such as earth tones.”

    “The inner ceiling can be seen again”

    With the Heartfelt Multipanel line, Hunter Douglas Architectural is responding to a growing trend among designers, explains van Rees.

    “For a long time, the interior ceiling was not very interesting: above all, it had to be functional,” he says. “Architects paid little attention to beautiful aesthetics. Fortunately, that is now a thing of the past. You could say that the inner ceiling can be seen again.

    “These days, you see increasingly that a ceiling gets the attention it deserves, both functionality and aesthetics. Working and experimenting with different materials, shapes and colours can achieve a unique look and, of course, all this happens within the desired frameworks.”


    The warmth of a felt ceiling

    The advantage of a felt ceiling is that it provides warmth to a space.

    “The light is reflected in the room in a different way,” says van Rees, “almost diffused. This gives a room a completely  different look from when a steel ceiling is installed."

    Felt also provides superior acoustic properties, which increases the feeling of wellbeing and comfort.

    “By default, felt is a material that absorbs sound excellently,” he says. “High tones, in particular, are filtered better, resulting a different kind of sound. This sound absorption also promotes the feeling tranquillity.”


    A sustainable indoor ceiling with a universal application

    Like all Heartfelt products, the Heartfelt Multipanels are 100% recyclable and Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze. The combination of a warm look, excellent acoustic properties and durability, enables Heartfelt Multipanel to be used universally.

    “From office environments to shopping centres and swimming pools, a felt ceiling fits just about everywhere,” says van Rees.

    “Its acoustic properties make it ideal for indoor spaces where many people gather, but it also works exceedingly well in the office, which is not necessarily a loud environment but it is nice to have the aesthetic and acoustics that felt offers. You could say that Heartfelt Multipanel can be fitted anywhere a beautiful interior ceiling is desired.”