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    Hunter Douglas Architectural participates in the reform of the University School of Design, Innovation and Technology of Madrid

    15 listopada 2022

    The company has installed a round and box shaped felt roof in one of the main areas of the university.


    Hunter Douglas Architectural has participated in the construction of the ceiling that is part of the facilities of the University School of Design, Innovation and Technology (ESNE) in Madrid.

    The reform has been conducted in the busiest area of ​​the building, where the entrance area, reception, main hall, and cafeteria are located. With the installation of the felt roof, the noise problem generated by the crowds in these areas has been solved.

    A linear HeartFelt ceiling panel

    For this construction, the Hendel + Torres de Arquitectura studio was looking for a specific solution that would respond to the requirements of the project; a combination of good aesthetics together with the contribution of acoustic comfort, requirements to which the HeartFelt® system, the material used, responds directly.


    For the design, Hunter Douglas Architectural provided a used rounded 64mm plank in white of about 250-300m². This product has BREEAM certification in terms of sustainability and, due to its acoustic absorption capacity, provides comfort to the rooms where it is installed, as well as being a fully recyclable material. In this sense, Guillermo Fernández Paul, sales engineer of Hunter Douglas Architectural, explains that "we have been chosen to collaborate on this project since we could provide the perfect material to combine acoustic quality, novel aesthetics, and a commitment to sustainability".

    HeartFelt® is a linear ceiling system made from non-woven, thermoformed PES fibres, with open joints between the panels. Using Hunter Douglas' high acoustic performance false ceiling products is the best solution in terms of acoustic performance, comfort, and aesthetics. With the HeartFelt® ceiling, absorption values ​​(αw) of between 0.45 (modulus 100) and 0.70 (modulus 50) can be obtained.