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    Hunter Douglas Architectural introduces the new HeartFelt® Origami ‘Weave’ and ‘Curve’ product shapes

    5 października 2023

    Innovative expansion brings aesthetic versatility and acoustic excellence to ceiling solutions

    Hunter Douglas Architectural, a pioneering leader in innovative architectural solutions, is excited to announce the expansion of its HeartFelt® Origami product category with the introduction of two captivating new shapes: Weave and Curve. Building upon the success of the existing Pyramid shape, these new additions enhance the creative possibilities and acoustic performance of ceiling projects, allowing architects and designers to transform spaces with unparalleled elegance and functionality.

    The original HeartFelt® Origami Pyramid, known for its pyramid-like folds, has already made a remarkable impact on ceiling designs worldwide. By harnessing the interplay of light and shadow, this distinctive shape creates an engaging visual experience while delivering exceptional sound-dampening capabilities. The Pyramid shape, available in the size of 600 x 600 mm, has become a hallmark of architectural innovation and acoustic excellence.

    HeartFelt® Origami Curve

    The new HeartFelt® Origami Curve brings a soft and sophisticated touch to interior spaces. Comprising two variants designed for open ceilings, the S-Curve and A-Curve shapes offer symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions respectively, both within the 600 x 600 mm tile size. These elegant panels not only contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere but also boast superior natural sound absorption, stemming from the inherent properties of felt.

    HeartFelt® Origami Weave

    Hunter Douglas Architectural also proudly presents the Origami Weave shape, ushering in contemporary warmth and playful dynamics to ceilings. Available in four diverse variants, all featuring a tile size of 600 x 600 mm, the Weave options vary in the number of stripes, ranging from 3 to 6 per tile. The Weave collection includes: Weave 3 with 3 stripes of 200 mm width each; Weave 4 with 4 stripes of 150 mm width; Weave 5 with 5 stripes of 120 mm width; and Weave 6 with 6 stripes of 100 mm width, all with a length of 600 mm.

    Toos Stants, Sustainable Design Engineer at Hunter Douglas Architectural, underscores the exceptional benefits of the new HeartFelt® Origami shapes, stating, “Our aim with the new shapes Weave and Curve was to further exploit the flexibility of the felt material, while providing a different appearance. Architects and designers can now elevate their designs even more, seamlessly merging aesthetics with exceptional acoustics and create even more versatile and captivating spaces.”

    Extraordinary Acoustical Performance

    The HeartFelt® Origami ceiling system has what it takes to enhance a wide range of building spaces and make them ‘sound friendly’. Tests show that thanks to the predominantly closed nature of the ceiling systems with the shapes Pyramid and Curve, a sound dampening value αw between 0.75 and 0.80 is achieved. The absorption values (αw) of the Weave shapes lie between 0.50 and 0.70. This strong acoustic performance ensures that resonance and voices especially in busy office landscapes, public buildings or other premises are greatly reduced. HeartFelt® Origami is available in five shades of grey, ranging from white to black and in five earth tones.

    Japanese Folding Technique

    The development of HeartFelt® Origami was born out of an extensive exploration of the original Japanese origami folding technique. This practical folding method imparts materials with rigidity without the need for additional elements. The installation process is streamlined, as panels and profiles are simply clipped to carriers. This ease of installation allows for effortless removal and disassembly, contributing to a ceiling system that aligns with the principles of circular and sustainable construction.